Orthopedics & Joint Replacement Surgery

Orthopaedic Surgery Ailments related to the skeleton and its attachments, like the ligaments and tendons are treated by best orthopedic surgeon of Odisha. The surgery also treats disorders related to the nervous system and those which arise from injury of the spine. These ailments may occur at birth, or through injury, or it can be the result of ageing. The word ‘orthopaedic’ has been coined from two Greek words, ’ortho’, meaning straight and ’pais’, meaning child. In ancient times, orthopedic surgeons were majorly treating the bone deformities observed in children, using braces to straighten the child's bones. Orthopaedic surgeries may be performed under general, regional, or local anaesthesia. The treatments offered by orthopaedists range from traction to amputation, hand reconstruction to spinal fusion or even joint replacements. The treatments also include broken bones, strains and sprains, and dislocations of joint. The orthopaedic surgeons deal with prosthetics to hold damaged bones or connective tissue in the form of screws, wires, pins and tongs. Although, the likelihood of success depends on the age and general health of the patient, the medical problem being treated, and the patient’s willingness to comply with rehabilitative therapy after the surgery.

Joint Replacement Surgery

A joint can be described as a place where two or more parts of the skeleton are fitted together; eg; knee, hip and shoulder. Joint replacement is the surgical procedure by which a damaged joint is replaced with a new one. We offer a comprehensive range of orthopedic treatment including Joint Replacement Surgery. Knee Replacement is a surgical procedure often performed to get relief from the pain; restricted mobility and disability arising out of degenerative arthritis. Major causes of debilitating pain include meniscus tears, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, post-trauma, ligament tears, and cartilage defects

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